Minion Darkslayer

A Ranger from Garbi Swamp


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Born in the forest of ??? His father (Davkas) was a woodsman and his mother (Carella) a seamstress. He lived the typical life of a son of a woodsman sometimes he would go to help his father in woods, where he was taught how to survive in the forest by using trees to builds fires and shelters, as well as the tracking and hunting of animals. His mother taught him more domestic skills like sewing and cooking.

At the age of 10 he and his mother went into to woods to meet his father for lunch with a picnic, they did this every Sunday in the summer although this was the last time. While eating they were attacked by a party of goblins, his father jumped up armed with his axe and with a single blow removed one of the goblins head from its body, a second relives a goblin of his right arm. Davkas then turns to his wife and says “you must run, take Minion and hide”. Carella takes Minion and runs as fast as she can back to their house, with the sounds of her husband fighting echoing in the distance.

When they arrive back at the house Carella puts Minion into a chest and tells him “you must be silent my son". Suddenly there is banging at the door, “they’re trying to break down the door” screams Carella she grabs a kitchen knife and waits a few steps away from the door for the invasion of goblins. The door break and 3 goblins try to enter the house, the first one get a knife right on one of his eyes and drops to the floor. The second plunges a sword deep into the stomach of Carella, Minion hears his mother cry out in pain but remains in the chest, silent.

Minion hears the goblins searching the house for him. Talking and a tongue he has never heard, they cease talking every few minutes and he hears them sniffing the air. Then all of a sudden there talking becomes for frantic, Minion is sure that they have found him. The chest creeks as the lid begins to lift, he sees a dirty and scared hand lifting the lid to reveal the face of a goblin. Their eyes meet and Minion screams for his life and at that instant that sword rips through the front of the goblins chest he shrieks in pain. The goblin collapses and exposes and old man with grey hair draped in chain mail. He extends his hand to Minion and helps him out of the chest, then the final goblin appears in the doorway behind the man Minion calls “behind you!” The man quickly turns snatching a dagger from his belt and forces it deep into the goblins heart.

The man’s name is Searos, he was a ranger when he was younger but now he is retired. He adopted Minion and treated him like his own son. He took him away from his parents’ house to the Garbee Swap where he lived in village of mostly Lizardfolk. He taught Minion how to be a ranger and how to speak Draconic, for 15 years Minion lived with Searos and he trained every day. During his time in the Garbee swamp Minion befriended the Lizardfolk in particular a young male named Petranasviwra which Minion nick named him Lizard Pete.

Minion and Lizard Pete became the protectors for the village commanding a small army of 20 men and lizardfolk, keeping the like of goblins and kobolds out of the village as well as keeping the peace inside the village. At the age of 25 Minion decided that he must leave the village when Searos died and there was no longer anything here for him. He asked Lizard Pete to come with him but Lizard Pete refused stating that his place was here protecting the village he was born in. With that Minion left the Garbee Swamp to pursue his own destiny as a ranger and keeper of the peace.

Minion Darkslayer

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